10 Hot Celebrities Who Got Really Fat


Body shaming is wrong. With that said, there is an evolving tendency in our culture to treat obesity as a quirk or as different. While making people feel better about themselves is all good and well, doing so at the expense of their health is misguided.

Plus-size advocates point to a culture obsessed with thinness in a country in which the average size for a woman is 14. While there is some truth behind that line of thinking, what we’re missing is that we’re an increasingly unhealthy population. Instead of trying to make overweight people feel better about themselves, we should probably be encouraging them to put down the Cheetos.

Yes, there are people with legitimate health conditions and disorders which render them incapable of controlling their weight, but this is not about them, this about us being a nation of gluttons, and a growing movement that is trying to make us all think that the patriot seen in the picture above is just fine.