2017 Fitness Trends


2017 is all about fitness. Thousands of people are jumping on the get fit bandwagon and making positive changes in their lives. If you’re one of them, or someone who wants to start going in that direction, these 5 fitness trends will definitely help you reach your fitness destination.

Community-supported workouts

Fitness Trends1

Older generations have known this secret for years. Getting together as a group and building a community around your exercise routine will definitely help you achieve your goals. You may not want to meet your grandma in the park early morning for some Tai Chi, but some new communities centered around younger fitness buffs are popping up that you can take advantage of. Slackline, AcroYoga and Bar-Workout Jams are just a few. Trust me, you’ll be all the more motivated to get yourself out of the house for a workout if you’re going to be joined with a fun group of people all there for the same reason.

Healthy service providers who come to you

Fitness Trends2

For those of you who say you can’t fit the hassle of driving to the gym into your busy schedule, you’ve run out of excuses. 2017 is seeing the emergence of “order a personal trainer to your door” services. Today’s modern times are all about accessibility and ease of use, and fitness is no exception. Not only can you order healthy meals to your door, but a personal trainer can also show up wherever you want with a click of a button.

Strong is the new sexy

Fitness Trends3

Instead of starving yourself to lose a couple pounds, hit the gym and start building your strength. Skinny bodies are making room for strong healthy bodies with muscle definition in the beauty arena. Do yourself a favor and run with this new trend. A strong body is way more healthy and more beautiful than the skinny bodies of yesterday.

The shorter the better

Fitness Trends4

If you’ve been at the gym lately, you’ve probably heard the term HIIT being thrown around. High Intensity Interval Training is the newly found, more effective way of working out. A dream for all you who say you don’t have time, HIIT proves that shorter workouts with bursts of high intensity exercises in intervals can give you the same results as working out for hours at a time. The latest fads in HIIT include even 12 or 7-minute workouts so there’s really no excuse at this point.

Tracking (and sharing) our healthy lifestyles

Fitness Trends5

Knowledge is power. And with the new craze of fitness gadgets that monitor every little thing about your health on your iPhone, optimizing your well-being has never been easier! These new apps that keep popping up track everything from the food that you eat, the hours you slept, to how well you did in your workouts. The best part is that you can share all that information with your friends as well, keeping you committed to your goals and motivating you to keep surpassing them.