30 Cars That Will Last More Than 250,000 Miles


Reliability has always been one of the main factors when it came to buying a car. Even though the modern consumer mindset dictates changing what you drive every two or three years, there are still a number of people who look at their cars as investments that need to last way more than that. Finding a car that will keep going after it hits the 250,000 miles marker is not too common, but it’s definitely not that hard either. There are still a number of models across different market categories, that still deliver this kind of longevity to their owners. Here are 30 new and classic cars that will definitely last more than 250,000 miles.

Dodge Ram Cummins

When Dodge and Cummins figured out that working together could benefit both parties, they’ve created a truck that quickly became a top seller. Cummins engines found in recent models of Dodge Ram come in two flavors. The 5.9 liter turbocharged inline 6, and its 6.7 liter newer version. Both of these engines deliver some serious performance, with excessive amounts of torque and very decent peak horsepower. Aside from their raw power, these engines are also incredibly reliable.