Balmain Fall / Winter 2017/18


Lights…..roll sound…and there enters a beautiful young lady in her prettiest attire with an elegant walk on her six-inch stilettos in the roar of applauding by the audience. This is all about the fashion at Balmain fall/winter 2017. Like the previous year, Balmain this year again meets up the expectations regarding the fashion and style. Designers launched their outstanding and ravishing collection for falls/winters 2017 and models displayed all those mesmerizing attires in the most amazing way to make them stand out. Olivier Rousteing with their fabulous designs and attires rocked the ramp under the roof of Balmain.

All the designers made their utmost efforts to display their talents and designs with a way more of conviction and appeal and furthermore the models carried them as a piece of hard work and love for fashion with an exceptional oomph. The lead designer and the think tank behind Balmain is never out of conviction and every year comes up with something different regarding the fashion, designs and a way to present them. He is the individual who never lacked conviction and courage to stand a bit different and knows how to present the weird of attire with oomph and makes a weird the new swag to carry.

In the era of digitalization, where designers go for something more aesthetically, culturally, politically proven or supported, here Olivier is the one who breaks the boundaries regarding diversity, age and commonality. He launched his chic outfits by making them pulled off by Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer. He launched his ever ravishing line of collection for falls/ winter 2017 in most chic and epic way still dazzling the diversity ranging from all sorts of ethnicities.


This year it was a return of all earthly forces of nature. It was like the creation of new Amazons, and all the collection was there to represent the power and importance of women. Feminism was on the go throughout the collection, and this made the audience to applaud whole heatedly.  All earthy tones and prints were dazzling the collection, and of course, the amazing designer revealed the thought of feminism apart from the pink pussy variety and truly empowered the real strength of women round the world.



The palettes were dazzled with whimsical shades of black, gold, copper and tangerines. Indeed it was a maximal display of his maximalist school of thoughts which he portrayed via the ravishing panels of suede, zebra patterns, black stretch tulle columns, white metallic plaques, leopard spots and fishnet dresses. Rousteing rightfully used the panels in the dresses representing the wolf patterns on the T-shirts and the maxi cardigans with thigh high boots whereas the other range was all about the patchworks of crystal mesh, jacquard, leather appliqué, velvet, fringe and metallic studs. Capping off the look was the new range of handbags displayed at the show. Love or hate this maximalist approach by the designer but believe or not it was a class apart.