Carrot Tops Not to be Wasted


Carrots tend to be a fairly polarizing vegetable. Either you absolutely love them or you absolutely hate them. We get it. Some of you might still be traumatized by being force-fed them during dinner when you were a kid. But the “meat” of the carrot is not the only part that’s of use.

Carrot Tops


Most of us chop off carrot tops and toss them into the trash without giving it a second thought. But in reality, carrot tops are not only just as delicious, they’re also just as nutritious as the carrot itself. The leafy green tops are full of vitamins and minerals that all of us could do with more of.

Ways to Utilize Them


So next time you come across a carrot, remember to save the leafy green tops. Rinse them off and toss them into your salads. If you don’t enjoy the bitter taste, cut them up and sauté them in a pan with some of your other favorite vegetables. You can also add them into soups or stocks!