CHANNEL Winter 2017/2018


Last winter 2016/2017 was a real beauty that was dazzled and spiced up by the epic ventures around the town. Out of them, one was Channel Winter 2016/2017 show at the venue of Grand Palace. Keeping up the tradition of matching the expectations, Karl Lagerfeld this year again smashed the whole show and presented his outstanding and a way different theme based collection with a bang. Just imagine that everyone is sitting in the front row watching out to the most ravishing and epic collection and the designs with the color palettes are gleaming the whole scenario. This is what Karl makes possible. He is the only one who knows the struggle between imagination and reality and molds it to something.

The lead designer of Channel rocked the venue of Grand Palais with the dazzling collection gleaming under the sun rays coming in from the glass dome. But the real smarts of the show were not in the clothes which were the sporty and chic or in the footwear that were classy nor in the careful balance of the color and designs of the collection rather it was all about the notion regarding fashion that now fashion is not only a game in the hands of elite. Now the fashion world is there for the social media driven and digitalized world. The thought behind the collection took the game and carried the whole collection to the next level.

2017/2018 collection will be based on the theme of space and Karl presented it in an outstanding way. Models walked out of a space station like hut as if they are heading from the Mars as the Martians. Here the ramp was a long white rocket ship which further added reality to the whimsical scene. Now, this was true Channel. This was the school of thought behind the brand and a mind that worked liked one and only the Karl Lagerfeld. Hats off to this amazing designer!!! Karl skillfully used his conscience and artistic mind and dazzled the space creation with black, ivory, soft pink and silvers. He intellectually used denim shorts in his range with silver leather and shearling.

To add more charm to the whimsical collection, black toe capped silver GoGo boots were his type of style for the Martians. The runway was banged with shorts and skirt dresses, coats and other fabulous ranges of the Channel in which the brand us specialized. Knits were also made the part if collection to give every inch of goal for the dressing line. Boucle and metallic motif were the tag designs of nearly all the collection, and they stole the bundle of appreciations and applaud from the audience.

The smart designer show stopped the whimsical display with a series of jumpsuits, evening jackets and black spangled dresses that were embellished with jewelry. The whole theme and collection was a tribute to women and her empowerment and dedicated the thought behind the series to all women out there to make them feel special as in Channel every woman is a star.