Diet Rules You Should Ditch Starting Now


There’s a huge wave of people riding the diet and healthy eating wave at the moment, but what they don’t know is that a lot of the information they’ve been fed has been more detrimental than beneficial to their goal. Every week another “guru” of sorts comes out with a new fad diet and pollutes the healthy food scene with a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo. Let us help you weed out the scams from the truth and get back on the right track of leading a genuinely healthy lifestyle.  These six diet myths need to be ruled out immediately:

Cutting Out Fat

Diet Rules 1

Fat is not the enemy. I repeat, fat is not the enemy. In fact, healthy fats are essential to a healthy digestive system and can help you feel fuller longer so you don’t get as hungry as often as usual. Most people believe that eating fat will make you fat, but nothing is farther from the truth.

Counting Calories

Diet Rules 2

Unless you’re a math geek who thrives off analyzing data, counting calories in this day and age is pretty unnecessary. Also, the amount of calories it takes to digest certain foods cancel out the amount of calories contained in those foods so you’re pretty much wasting your time counting them. It’s more important to focus on having quality portions of the right types of foods within each meal such as protein, veggies, and good fats.

Eating Only Egg Whites

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Egg yolks are actually high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They also elevate high-density lipoproteins, which are good proteins that help remove plaque from arteries. So unless you are genetically predisposed to having high cholesterol or cardiovascular disease, don’t go throwing away your yolks just yet.

Eating Diet Foods

Diet Rules 4

If the packaging says “Low fat”, “fat free”, “lean”, “skinny”, “lite” or “diet friendly” STOP RIGHT THERE. These marketing buzzwords scoured all over the packaging of commercial food products are generally filled with processed foods that are no good. When manufacturers are forced to remove something, such as calories or fat content, they also have to replace that with something else, which is usually much more unhealthy than what was taken out to begin with.

Cleanses and Detoxing

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Believe it or not, you can save some big bucks by not buying into the latest detox crazes. As human beings, our bodies have their very own built-in detox system and it’s called a liver. Because most of these detox supplements, pills and cleanses actually contain ingredients that are harmful to our livers, your best bet in aiding your natural detox system is to stay hydrated with water and maintain a balanced diet

Skipping Breakfast

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If you want to completely sabotage your healthy eating efforts, you should skip breakfast. By not eating breakfast, not only are you not “saving calories/boosting your metabolism” but you are also setting the stage for lack of concentration throughout your day and making less healthy choices come lunchtime. While sleeping, our brains main source of energy decreases but a healthy breakfast is what replenishes it to help you stay focused throughout the day.