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Don’t Be Fooled By These Five “Healthy” Foods

Energy Bars

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These bars like to boast how many nutrients their packed with like fiber and protein, they’re carried in every major health store and gym, and all the athletes eat them so they must be healthy, right? Wrong. Before you pop one of these into your mouth think about how heavily processed they are. As a general rule, anything that comes wrapped in packaging with a list of 1,000 ingredients probably shouldn’t be eaten. What’s really hidden in these “healthy” bars are different forms of sugar, spiking your blood sugar levels and bringing you down with a crash later on.

Low Fat or Fat Free Yogurt

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What usually happens when a food company cuts out or reduces something that sounds “bad” from its ingredients list, they usually do not fill it with something that is “better” for you. What ends up happening is manufacturers pumping their yogurts full of sugar to make up for the taste. Anytime you consume a low-fat or fat-free processed food, you’re probably going to gain fat from it. Make sure to check the yogurt you buy for the sugar levels. The best thing to do is opt for unsweetened Greek yogurts, which have less lactose.

Frozen Yogurt

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Frozen yogurts are not as high in calories or fattening as some ice creams, but they’re still not necessarily good for you. The word yogurt may make this seem healthy but if you read the above section about yogurt you’ll know that that doesn’t make it a health food. Most probably the fro-yo you’re eating is chock full of sugar, making some brands even lie about how many calories are truly in one serving. There’s no shame in indulging in a little frozen yogurt but make sure to see it for what it is, just another dessert option.


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Too many fruits in one smoothie blend could carry well over the recommended daily limit of 25 grams of sugar. What’s more, most stores add sugar to their berry mixes to make it even sweeter. If you’re going to go the homemade route, make sure to only use half a cup of berries. Also, don’t be fooled by promises of vitamin C, antioxidants, or Amazonian rain forest delicacies. Acai berries contain awesome nutrients, but when they’re ingested with over 40 grams of sugar, you’re not really getting much out of them.


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Granola gained a reputation for being “healthy” way back in the 1960’s simply because it had less sugar in comparison with the other breakfast items on the market at the time. Unfortunately, the added ingredients which almost always contain sugar, and high fat content make most brands very unhealthy. Rather, granola should be considered a treat to consume in moderation.