Drink Your Way to Perfect Skin


We’ve all heard it before. Beauty is skin-deep, it comes from the inside out. What you choose to put inside your body will be directly reflected on the outside. It’s a fairly simple concept and yet many of us still indulge in fast food and sugary sodas without giving it a second thought. What you should really be doing if you want that youthful fresh face is not only changing your diet but changing the things you drink! Here are all the magical elixirs you can drink now to encourage your skin to shape up.


Drink 1

This one is no-brainer. The more water you drink, the more plump and fresh your skin will look! It keeps the elasticity levels of your skin at their best, giving your skin a good bounce creating a healthy glow.

Green Juice With Kale

Drink 2

Kale is super food of the year and its no exception when it comes to skin. The multi-vitamins present in kale are amazing for skin. It has Vitamin A that helps promote cell growth and healthy cell turnover, getting rid of the older dull skin. It also contains Vitamin C and copper, which are the foundation of collagen, and keep skin strong and able to heal itself properly and efficiently.

Soy Milk

Drink 3

Soy milk containts isoflavones which help protect collagen, the material that keeps skin youthful. There are some studies that have even shown it can help defend against the formation of wrinkles from sunlight. As a bonus, the minerals and proteins in soy milk can reduce the darkening and discoloration of skin.

Green Tea

Drink 4

Packed with antioxidants called catechins and polyphenols, green tea helps protect skin from UV radiation by decreasing the chances of sunburn. And like other anti-oxidants, they help decrease redness and inflammation.

Pomegranate Juice

Drink 5

Pomegranate juice is a super juice that contains huge amounts of anti-oxidants and polyphenols—over twice as much as green tea—and is fantastic for nurturing fibroblasts in the skin, which are the collagen-making-factories. That means more collagen, less wrinkles and fine-lines. The density of antioxidants found in pomegranate juice also improves skin tone.

Cucumber-Infused Water

Drink 6

Eating a cucumber is basically like drinking water since they’re 90% water-based. The cucumbers help hydrate skin and are also filled with minerals, like magnesium and potassium, that help with keeping the alkaline pH of skin and decrease inflammation.