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Healthy Alternatives to White Flour That Won’t Make You Miss The Original

Whether you’re a coeliac, jumping on the gluten-free train, or just want to lead a healthier lifestyle finding ways to avoid white flour is the direction you need to be going in. However, completely cutting out white flour is challenging to say the least! Everyone craves a piece of bread, pasta, and pizza occasionally. These are also foods that help you feel fuller and more satisfied from your meal. That’s why we found healthy alternatives to white flour that won’t make you miss the real thing!

Black Beans

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Really? Black beans? Yes! Trust us, you absolutely can’t tell that the secret ingredient in many foods like rich chocolaty brownies is black beans. Like most legumes, black beans are packed with protein and fiber, both of which help to steady the digestive process.


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We all know the glory that is hummus, but did you know you can use chickpeas in sweets too?
It’s true. Like black beans, chickpeas have a ton of protein and fiber, as well as antioxidant nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene. They’re also amazing at regulating blood sugar, so they’ll keep you fuller longer.


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When you grind them into a fine flour using a food processor or blender (so easy to do at home!), oats add an interesting flavor to baked goods and contain all the health benefits of a bowl of oatmeal. That means they are chock full of beta-glucan, a fiber that lowers cholesterol, and lots of protein and manganese.


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You’ve probably heard of cauliflower crust pizza by now, that’s because cauliflower is a great low-calories and healthy alternative to white flour. Low in carbs and high in vitamin K (which acts as an anti-inflammatory), cauliflower is an incredibly versatile substitute. You can even make five-ingredient tortillas with them!