How to Choose the Best Bariatric Surgeons


If you want to lose weight, but diet and exercise alone doesn’t seem to be working, then bariatric surgery may be for you. However, in order to have the best results, you need to not only be committed to your care plan but also find the best bariatric surgeons to perform the procedure. You must take your time in this, so that you find someone who you trust and feel comfortable with. Hopefully, the following hints and tips will help you achieve that.

The Different Methods

There are a number of different types of bariatric surgery and most surgeons will have their personal preference. You need to learn which options are out there for you and why your surgeon gives preference over the others. Additionally, you must find out whether that type of surgery is really the best option out there for you. As such, you have to research your options yourself, as well as listening to doctor’s advice.

The Surgeon’s Demeanor

While gastric surgery has become very safe nowadays (in fact, many procedures are done laparoscopically, meaning that you don’t even have to go through lengthy surgery), there is always still a risk attached. When you go for surgery, you are effectively entrusting your life to your surgeon. This means that you have to feel comfortable in their presence and truly trust them. Not just that, the reality is that if you are so overweight that you need this type of surgery, you are probably aware of the fact that you have let yourself go somewhere. The last thing you need is a judgmental surgeon who makes you feel inferior for having gotten overweight in the first place. This is why you must interview surgeons yourself and find out how you feel in their presence. Your care won’t start as soon as your surgery is completed, so you will be speaking to your surgeon quite often for a few months if not years, so you have to be able to get on, even on a personal level.

Ask for References

Your surgeon should obviously be registered with all the relevant medical bodies, which will attest the quality of the work that they do. However, this isn’t just about training and certificates, it is about real people, who need real results. Ask your surgeon to see before and after pictures of their patients to see what you can expect. It is likely that you will also be asked to provide these types of pictures and, while it may feel uncomfortable to be photographed at these points, you will actually be doing something very helpful for future patients who are in the situation you are in now.

Clearly, finding the best bariatric surgery is down to two main things: knowledge that they are good at what they do, and feeling that you can trust them. You have to think with both your head and your heart, in other words. If you find that particular surgeon, you will also be more likely to stick to their care plan and actually receive the best results.