How to Stop Being Lazy As Told By a Psychologist


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In a video featured on Business Insider, psychologist Dr. Jonathan Fader shares a tip on how to overcome laziness.

Most people tend to give up once what he calls “pain tolerance” kicks in. Your brain begins to speak to you and tell you that you’ve done enough. We all have a tendency to defeat ourselves in this way. We give in to our brain and don’t put up a fight, finding reason after reason to avoid things that don’t feel good.

The only way to overcome this is to talk back to your brain.

Talk back to your brain

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As soon as your brain begins telling you “That’s enough!” “I can’t do anything more” make sure you have a technique or a plan to combat that. Come up with a technique in your mind to help you with the pain tolerance.

Segment your tasks

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Often times, what great runners and athletes do is segment their overall task into smaller tasks that are bite-size and easier to execute. This way they don’t get overwhelmed with the overall assignment and only focus on one part at a time, setting them up for success. They tell their brains, “Let me just see what will happen if I push myself for ten minutes longer.” In this way, they are able to push themselves a little bit further each and every time.

Coming prepared

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Whether the voice telling us to give up is our own or an external factor, such as an insult from someone else, if you have a plan and are ready to respond to whatever comes your way, you are more likely to overcome them. The only two things we control are our actions and our reactions. Once you realize that, you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish. Most warriors always have a contingency plan. That means that no matter what they are faced with, they always come prepared with a plan to deal with it. Because if they don’t have a plan, they know that their own mind will likely defeat them.