Mom Gives Birth to Quadruplets. Then, Gets the Shock of Their Lives


The majority of multiple births in the world are twins – around 90% of them, in fact. Quadruplets in particular are very rare, and usually conceived via IVF. Being pregnant with four babies at once can be rather risky for the mother and her new babies. And that says nothing of the stress and planning required to fit four more humans into your family at once. No one knows better than Tim and Bethani Webb, whose unusual story grows more and more unusual as you read on.

1. Meet the parents.

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Tim and Bethani Webb are a nice, young, local couple. They were married in 2015. The pair decided to get down to business and expand their new family. Tim and Bethani think that they would like to have two children during their marriage, or maybe four. Within a few months of being married, they’re thrilled to learn that Bethani is pregnant. The scene: Hythe, Alberta, Canada. Located in the western portion of Canada, relatively near the British Columbian border, it boasts an estimated population of 827. That number is about to grow. In the meantime, residents regularly flock to the local hockey arena. The local economy is driven by agriculture in this tiny community.