Politicians Who Were Gorgeous Back In The Day


Take a look at some of your favorite (and not-so-favorite) politicians back when they were young, innocent (debatable), and definitely not as experienced in the ways of the world. Some were pretty hot, were they not? Yep, you may be surprised by how attractive some of these politicians were once upon a time. Take a look.

Justin Trudeau Has Been Hot Forever

You didn’t think we could forget Justi Trudeau, did you? At just 45 years old, Justin Trudeau is still very young but who could deny is striking good looks? The Canadian Prime Minister is widely considered one of the most attractive politicians today. It wasn’t until old photos of him in his young years circulated around the internet in early 2017, that everyone lost it. Just look at that thick head of hair and perfectly chiseled chin. Or those baby blue eyes. You gotta admit, the man is easy on the eyes. Looks aside though, Justin Trudeau has done a lot for his country and beyond. He uses his public status to promote a variety of causes, from youth programs to the Darfur crisis.