Say Goodbye to Bad Posture with These Three Exercises in Four Minutes


Today’s generation may just be the worst when it comes to maintaining correct posture. Our 9-5 desk jobs wreak havoc on our spines from spending so much of the day seated in front of a computer. What we don’t realize is that this is not only matter of temporary aches and pains, but rather serious long-term damage.

Dr. Eric Goodman, creator of the Foundation Training program, offers three no-equipment exercises to help. They promise to both reduce back pain and improve posture over time.

The Founder

Bad Posture 1

The first exercise is called The Founder, where you stand shoulder width apart, keep your knees slightly bent and lower back extended as you pull your hips backward putting your weight on your heels. You keep your chest high and slowly bring your arms all the way up and take two deep breaths, pushing your hips back further on the 2nd breath and bending all the way down. Once bent forward inhale and exhale, bringing your hands to your shin, extending your spine and lifting your chest up to a standing position once again.

Lunge Stretch

Bad Posture 2

The lunge stretch has you in lunge position without putting your knee too far forward, you place both arms over your head with interlocked fingers, lifting them as high as you can and side bending towards the left. This opens the right hip to the right rib cage. As you exhale, switch legs and do the same on the opposite side.

Wide Founder Position

Bad Posture 3

Place feet six inches wider than shoulder width apart. Knees bent, hips pulled back placing weight on your heels. The front of your body is open and extended. Push you arms behind you and then lift them all the way up. Then drop your arms and come back to standing position.
Make sure to watch the full video before attempting these stretches at home: