Say Hello To Your New Favorite Sports Bra, A $40 Piece of Elastic


If you’re confused by the title of this article, so were we when we saw this strip of elastic meant to act as a sports bra.
The Buband is a new product that just hit the sports bra market and women everywhere are beginning to swear by it. After a quick Google search you’ll see that the rave reviews truly speak for themselves.

How it Works


Life Hacker

The Buband is designed to be worn over a regular sports bra and provide extra compression that translates to absolutely no bounce, ever. To our surprise this piece of elastic really does deliver on its promise—minimizing bounce comfortably and conveniently.

The Buband’s Only Job-Compression



Let’s just sat we don’t think a perfect sports bra actually exist, especially not for any woman above a B cup. There will always be faults with every product you purchase whether cheap or expensive. The great thing about the Buband however, is that it successfully does the job it’s supposed to, providing compression. The elastic band provides much needed support, turning regular sports bras into super sports bras. Just like they claim in their advertisement:

Bottom Line



This thing works. If you’re looking to add more compression to the bras you already have, want to be able to add and remove compression at will, don’t mind that it’s harder to expand your chest when you’re breathing heavy and have $50 to spend, and would rather spend it on a band that works with multiple bras instead of a single $50 bra than the Buband is for you!