New Health Fads – Effective or Scam?


In the 80s, it was Thomas Dolby who sang, “She blinded me with science.” However, in the interests of being PC, the use, or rather misuse of scientific data and observations is not limited to the fairer sex nor was it limited to the last century.

The bottom line is that scientific data is routinely manipulated by experts – both genuine and self-proclaimed; to say pretty much whatever they want by using a host of legal sleight of hand. Such techniques include but are not limited to selective use of data, comparing proverbial apples with oranges, using unrealistic assumptions when drawing conclusions, and the actual withholding of data.

So where does this leave the average layperson? In short, question everything you read, don’t be afraid to question “authority,” and don’t be lazy – keep on digging for the best information. After all, it was Jesus, someone a little more famous than Thomas Dolby who once stated, “…Seek, and you will find.”