The American Diet and its Deadly Spread Around the World


The worldwide pandemics that seem to be getting less and less attention compared to the more talked about AIDS and avian flu are cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension. Why? Because these conditions are 95% preventable, treatable and even reversible by simply making changes to ones diet and lifestyle. We’re used to hearing about these problems at home in the U.S. but what you don’t know is that these illnesses are spreading to the rest of the globe as the American diet makes its way around the world.

The Deadly Spread

American Diet 1
Michael Lylee
Although travelling to exotic places in the world and seeing a McDonalds can make you feel at home, the repercussions of American fast food being available worldwide can already be felt. In only one generation, Asia has gone from having one of the lowest rates of heart disease and obesity and diabetes to one of the highest. And in Africa, we only hear about HIV and AIDs but in reality, cardiovascular disease equals the HIV and AIDS deaths in most countries. These are serious issues and practicing preventive medicine on a global scale can make an important difference that can affect the lives of literally millions of people.

Reversing the Progression

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What is so remarkable about heart and blood vessel diseases is that they still kill more people worldwide than every other disease combined, and yet they are completely preventable for almost everybody. These diseases are not only preventable, but actually reversible as proven by 29 years of in-depth research. Researchers have been able to show by using high tech scans like cardiac PET scans that simply changing diet and lifestyle have immense benefits.

Steps in the Right Direction

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The diet that has most proven itself in being able to reverse heart disease and cancer is the Asian diet. By adopting primarily Asian eating habits you will be able to significantly slow the progression and heal heart disease. In order to this on a larger scale giant food companies such as McDonald’s and PepsiCo are beginning to jump on the wagon and offer healthier food options such as Asian salads on their menus. Continuing to offer healthier food options around the world will surely stop the heart disease pandemic in its tracks.