Top Eight Hardest Sports In the World


We continually find ourselves arguing about the most difficult sports in the world. Most people give their opinions based on their inabilities to participate in some of these sports. What most people refuse to understand is that the difficulty of any sport depends on certain aspects like the endurance, power, strength, speed, flexibility, and any other quality required in the sport. Here we are going to discuss the top eight hardest sports in the world along with the qualities needed to partake in these games.

Martial Arts

You need to be an enduring human being for you to become a successful martial artist. A person needs enough strength to win this game. Without a regular practice and training, the exhaustion and pain might be too much for a person to endure. This sport requires a lot of endurance, hand-eye coordination, and enough strength.


This sport requires great eye-hand coordination, fast reflexes and accuracy. Most times, the players get injuries due to their fast turns in the game. Sometimes, they end with a broken ankle or wrist.


Football requires the capability of fighting with 11 opponents and the strength of running for 90 minutes. For you to be a successful footballer, you must be a fast individual. Such person must have rapid foresight. Therefore you must have a very good foot-eye coordination to become a successful football player.

Ice Hockey

You need perfect ice-skating skill to become an ice hockey player. In the playground, you have nine other people moving around you at a very high-speed. Everyone on the playground is aiming at one puck. So, you need a lot of power, strength and precision for you to play this game.


You need to be very flexible for you to be able to play this game. In this game, you need a perfect control on your body. Just a little mistake can result in massive injuries. So you must be very careful.


Rugby is the only sport in the world that demands real giants who are not just physically fit but also possess enough strength to play the game. From the beginning to the end of the game, you need to use your strength to run with the ball and knock your opponents down. You also need to endure their powerful knocks. Forcing your own way through your opponents is like moving a giant wall. You can’t participate in this game unless you have enough strength.


Wrestling requires great endurance, power and high-speed. If you can’t take the right action at the right moment, you will lose the game. Speed and tactics are two major things you must possess to defeat your opponents.


This sport requires more power and endurance than any other sport in the world. You must have enough strength, and high-speed and great eye-hand coordination to win a game.

You must always be ready to dodge any blow coming in. You have to endure the pain of any unblocked blow. In this game, you also need to hit your opponent hard. Anytime you are entering into the ring; you must be aware that you will receive a few injuries at the end of the game. If it’s a very intense fight, you may receive severe injuries like a bleeding nose or a broken arm.