Turn a Whole Watermelon Into a Big-Batch Jell-O Shot



Woman’s Day

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely not ready to say goodbye to Summer just yet. Thankfully, this makes you feel like you’re eating a refreshing juicy watermelon on a hot summer day, but even better because there’s alcohol involved in the form of a jello shot. Yes please!

How to Make It


Woman’s Day

Although it may look hard to make, it’s actually easier than it looks. Start by cutting your melon in half and scraping out the juicy inside; BuzzFeed suggests using a knife to make sure you’re cutting as close to the rind as possible, then switching to a spoon to scoop the fruit. Once your watermelon “bowls” are ready, you can pour in the Jell-O mix and vodka as you usually would prepare it. Since this is an XXL jelly shot, you should also add in extra gelatin to make the mixture more firm. Finally, refrigerate to allow it to set.

Time to Present


Woman’s Day

Once your watermelon is ready, it’s time slice the bad boy up! You can cut up each half however you’d like, but slicing it to look like watermelon wedges is obviously a great way to go. And, of course, if you have opted to add alcohol to the mix, be sure to keep the slices out of the reach of any children!