Visual Arts Trends for 2017 – What to Expect in Design and Branding Trends


Even if a quarter has already gone by in 2017, it is never too late to learn about the visual arts trends for the year. And in the past three months, the trends have already influenced the design output of artists all throughout the globe.

After an unforgettable year, society, in general, is trying to reimage their identity. There are various issues people are concerned about that include migration and displacement and the right to privacy, just to name a few. And as people navigate through the changes around them, they want to be surrounded with inflexible clarity.

It is the year when people are influenced by organic things. Fashion and colors are swayed by nature. Below are some of the visual arts trends that will inspire future design and artworks in the remaining months of 2017.

Go Back to the 90s

Flash photos, bold styles, and Polaroid-like photos will remain popular this year, as kids from the 90s take control of marketing campaigns. Major brands will use the aesthetics of from the 90s as inspiration as they try to target the younger market.

Not only that, candid and unfiltered portraits will be popular in 2017. Portraits will feature raw emotion, spontaneity, and movement. They will also capture the moment, and tell a story. As a result, commercial photography will feature aesthetics of photojournalism. More often than not, photos will be heavily influenced by 90s photographers such as Terry Richardson and Wolfgang Tillmans.


Gritty Women

2017 is the year when the female of the species is represented by image. Women are seen as people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty, get things done on their own, focused on what they are doing. They are more concern about the issues around them and what they are doing at present, instead of what they are wearing. This is the image that will be seen in print ads, photographs, and other media.


Color Trends for 2017

When it comes to colors, Pantone named greenery as the color of the year. It represents freshness, beginnings, and the environment. The yellow-green shade also represents the first couple of days of spring.

Along with greenery, other natural hues such as olive green and khaki will be featured in artworks this year. Earthy colors will also be popular in 2017. These include maroon brown, charcoal gray, and brick red.

These are the trends that you should expect to influence artworks in the remaining days of 2017. The arts scene will be a vibrant one this year, and people will surely be inspired by the masterpieces created by artists from all over the globe.