Ways to Lose Weight Post Pregnancy


Immediately we give birth; we realize that the excess baggage that looked adorable on us when we were pregnant all of a sudden begins to look ugly and fat. And since you are breastfeeding, you can’t go on a crash diet, since you had a cesarean delivery you can’t settle on CrossFit to lose weight rapidly yet if you don’t work things out, you won’t get back to your old clothes. So you must take the steps and get a good plan to lose weight post-pregnancy.

Here are few ways to lose weight after giving birth

Be Patient

You must be patient enough with your weight loss after giving birth. You have to know that the same way it took nine months to put on that weight, it will likewise take a few months to get rid of them. You can’t expect overnight weight reduction. Thus, regardless of what steps you are taking to shed those additional kilos, it is essential that you keep a realistic goal. Most new mothers suffer from depression about the way they look because they think they won’t be able to lose those weights no matter what they do. Have patience and give your body some time to lose that extra weight.

Create time for yourself

You may be wondering how this will help you reduce the weight you gain. But one thing we do forget is that after our child is born, we don’t remember ourselves anymore, and all we do is look after the child all day just to make sure he or she is doing fine. This is the point at which we easily slip into a vicious cycle of depression. Thus, it is essential to take a little time to think about ourselves. If you don’t have anything to do, you may spend some time in the park just to be alone with your thoughts. Create time for yourself and start doing things you like. These things will make you shed those kilos and also make you a better mother.

Detox in the morning

As a mother, you cannot go on a crash diet like others to lose weight because it will affect your milk flow. But the good news is that the more we breastfeed, the more calories we consume. Likewise, we can include a few things in our diet that will help us lose weight and increase our breast milk. One of these things is to soak fennel seed in water overnight and drink it in the morning. The fennel seed will help increase your breast milk, and the water will detoxify your body.

Motherhood is without a doubt a beautiful journey. Follow these tips above to lose weight after you’ve just give birth.