Why Should You Include More Fruits And Vegetables In Your Diet?


Are you planning to include vitamin and mineral supplements in your diet? Why don’t you try adding more amount of vegetables and fruits instead? According to the US Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Health and Himan Services, an average person should consume 5 to 13 servings of fruits  per day. The number of servings you are taking should depend on the amount of calories you need to intake to keep fit. Popping down some supplements in place of consuming fruits and vegetables is never the best solution. Natural foods are the best source of nutrients like the carotenoids and the flavonoids.

Fruits and vegetables complement each other in making the body healthy and it. That is the reason, if you are consuming spinach that is rich in iron and also taking orange juice, which contains vitamin C that absorbs iron, you are actually doing good to your body. Young women who suffer from iron deficiencies in their bodies should follow this to be able to get sufficient amount of Fe in their body.

Eating fruits and vegetables also helps in preventing illnesses. You will be able to keep cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and stroke at bay if you eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. The more fruits and vegetables people consume, the better it is for them.

If you are maintaining your weight, you need to eat more of fruits and vegetables. Both fruits and vegetables are high on calories, but low on fat. In addition to that, these are loaded with fibers, which are good for health. If you are planning to lose weight and keep a control on the hunger pangs, you can try eating a lot of fruits instead of the junk food that people eat.

better fruits and vegtables

Different colored fruits and vegetables also make your food interesting. Make your food as interesting and colorful as can be with different colored fruits and vegetables. Remember, each of these has different nutrients and compositions. Thus, your body will surely the benefits in the process.

You should be strict about what you should eat and should never let any factor come in the way of your fruits and vegetables intake. You need to make a diet chart containing as much fruits and vegetables as you can. This will help you build your immunity and will also help you to stay fit and prevent various diseases.

Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables can also help in making your skin glow and hair beautiful and thick. So, to be beautiful, you must include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. You will be able to pack in a lot of minerals and vitamins that are actually good for your skin. What you eat will definitely show on your skin and overall health. In addition to all these,  eating fruits and vegetables also help in increase roughage, which will help in smoothening the bowel movement. So, the next time, you feel like having a snack in between meals, you should have a serving of fruits or your favorite vegetables.